Trusting in the Silence

It is interesting the wave of chaos that comes with packing up your life into a bag and just leaving for six months. With moments like these, moving graciously in Gods timing is at times (in an understatement) Testing. I leave in two weeks to take part in a Discipleship Training school with youth organisation Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and am still trusting for a big part of my school fees. Whats more testing, is that I’m one of the only few that Don’t have all their fees as of yet. And without whining  it is very annoying to say the least, especially when we believe we could do it ‘better’ in our timing. The truth is, God has more control over our situation that we ever grant him credit for. He is closer that we think. He is the harness we wear when we’re walking on a tightrope. There is fear, people are anxious around us, it isn’t physically possible. We forget he is there, but he will protect us if we slip off course. The same applies here. Logically, if God is providing all my needs, and he wants me to go on this school, then logically I have nothing to be afraid of. The money will come in at the right time; thats that.

And the best part is? None of it makes sense.

This part week, I have seen nearly a grand come in – all of which were from responses to prayers. They were all from people I hardly know, believing in where God is calling me. I even received $120 from one of my school mates, who is in the same boat as me. It is definitely a humbling experience when people who cannot give, give well beyond what you ever expected. God is so good, why should I be afraid.

The truth is? God is getting me there in the most miraculous way possible. By using something that we all think is so important, to teach me that what is more important. Trusting in the silence. Moving in an attitude that says, “I will continue walking even with nothing under my feet.” Fear will knock you over. That is no secret. But it is in getting up and choosing to believe in the truth that moves mountains.
I chose Faith over Fear.


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