The Light of Love

She steps quietly with her stomach filled with fear

Afraid of what lies beyond her this year

The door creaks a little as she steps into the room

One hand pushes the worn door, while the other covers her mouth from the fume

Her fragile fingers move the forgotten handle

To enter the room of the man whose picture is on the mantle

She tip-toes softly to the bed which lies

A man so fragile and weak, the doctors have failed all they’ve tried

The eerie room smells of darkness, dust and pain,

It is a room filled with hopelessness and shame

She smiles softly as she sees the place

Where others have abandoned, she longs to show grace

The nurse steps forward to check the man,

The disease overwhelms him and strips him from this land

She looks at his face, cold and stripped of dignity

And something burns inside her to set this man free

He turns and he murmurs, “Is it time to let me go?”

Sweetly she smiles and replies, “no.”

He wants to die, to give up all hope

But this nurse holds one last rescue rope

“Now come young sir, enough is enough,

To say there was no hope was the doctors worst bluff.”

He watches her intently, through one weak eye,

As she gently paces to the large window near by

He watches her search for the twisted cord

With one huff, she pulls and in floods the light of the Lord

The darkness flees as quickly as the night

It reveals every floating spec of dust, and gives the two quite a fright!

“That is much better, “ she replies again

You need to see light to abandon your pain

Once again she searches the frame

And the man wonders why she came

Why did this woman long to love?

What makes her so beautiful, was she sent from above?

She gracefully moves along the window

Flinging open the glass, ordering the smell to go

All at once a large wind blows across

Bringing smells of mown grass, flowers and smells once lost

For those that have given up,

She reveals a heart of compassion, as she fills up his cup

A new medicine to treat the strange infirmity

A replacement to those that failed last century

It brings a faint smile to his cheek

The small glimmer of hope has brought strength to the weak

A hope that brings a way out of the darkness

The simplicity of love, an escape for the hopeless

She gracefully moves again to his side

An action so rare, for people treat him like he’s died
She sits by his side, not afraid he is sick

For she knows the goodness of love will make him fit

Sliding her arm behind his neck, she offers support

She helps him sit, praising the battle he just fought

With hardly a word spoken, the man has begun to heal

For she believed in what darkness could not steal

He is bewildered at his new strength

When only she loved him, and went the extra length

There is no more evil holding this man,

As love and light have shown that they can

She encourages him to fight more, to break the ties

To abandon the consuming prison of lies

She shares with him a secret and he reaches for her hand

With all his might, he begins to stand

He’s found new hope and a determination to say goodbye

One step, and he begins to fly

She helps him to the window and he looks to the sky

She hears him giggle at the birds that fly by

She watches him smile and something inside her turns

For this is Gods love inside her that burns.

2 thoughts on “The Light of Love

  1. What a beautiful poem, every word bringing truth & hope. I too in my ministry with the sick & dying have seen the love of The Lord restore and bring hope and life to some abandoned and left curled up, waiting to die. What a blessing these words bring, thank out for sharing them!


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