Go sit alone at McDonald’s.

Taking a Risk. No one loves this topic, and still, everyone does. Who doesn’t want to take a risk? Yeah, risk taking behaviours, that’s what you do when you’re young right? Nah, really, who wants to take them? They’re hard. They usually don’t work, you get humiliated, you get embarrassed, it’s unsafe. And yet, somehow, there’s beauty in it.

A few months ago, I felt it was right to pick up this thing called ‘blogging’ and have another go at it. Why? Did I even have anything to contribute? I wasn’t travelling, I wasn’t changing the world (or so I thought in one narrow minded definition of the statement), I hadn’t started some massive NGO. I was just me, the twenty something, single female, who loved Jesus, and happened to enjoy writing. Although writing has always been a form of ‘release’ for me, I never thought I’d be doing it publicly. But one summer’s day, that all changed, and I took what for me became, a bit of a risk.

Let me backtrack. It’s summer in Melbourne, it’s hot, but not humid, more like, ‘I just opened the oven to have a peak at the cookies baking and now my eyeballs are singed off’ kind of hot. I’d started thinking about starting up writing again, to encourage, but really as a discipline to continue writing and to continue sharing. I never really cared if no one read it, or it was just my mum that commented every other post “thanks for sharing.” She could have just called me up and told me herself. Actually, presently she just has to walk down the hall. (Seriously though mum, don’t stop that, I really do love it.)

So, I found myself sitting in a Maccas car park in Glen Waverley, thinking to myself, “Are you serious Katie? Blogging?” And the irony? It’s New years Day and I haven’t set any New Resolutions yet. Do you really want this to be it? I said -“Lord, if I do this, will you bless this?”
Then the rain started pattering down, no, it was a bucket of rain, and I felt the heavenly cleansing wash over me. Not really – I actually felt really fat sitting alone at McDonalds. 

Then I found myself scrolling through the Pinterest conundrum of post after post of walkthrough tutorials of “How blogging changed my life’, and I heard the sweet sound of Gandalf in the background “All we have to do, is decided what to do with the time that has been given to us.” Thanks for that Gandalf, probably won’t follow in your footsteps and throw myself off a cliff, even if it means I get to reincarnate – Spoiler Alert. And thankfully I’m not Frodo, climbing constantly with some irritating worm like Gollum.

I’m just me. Deciding what to do with me.

Is it hard? Sure of course it’s hard. But it can be pretty easy too. I love writing, I love sharing, I love encouraging. There’s the joy in it I think. Finding out what you love, and doing it well. Even if that means taking a risk, or even if you don’t know where it will take you. Really just being you. Learnin

Well, that’s all I got to share today, I’ll probably  be upset in another few days because I don’t know where my life is going. Then I’ll drive to a Maccas car park alone and sit there to ponder. It’s amazing how much perspective you can get sitting alone at McDonalds, go try it.

Until then, peace out,

K x

One thought on “Go sit alone at McDonald’s.

  1. G’day Katie,
    I wonder if that heavy shower of rain might have been God’s answer to your prayer. I’m sure you thought of that. But nice that you received such an apt word from Gandalf. Yes, writing is hard work, but so rewarding when it flows and all comes together. Love you, Poppa


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