Rest and Refresh

Very often my life is so busy, my emotions constantly stimulated by what I am seeing and who I am becoming, I feel so unmotivated to write. And then other times, like a sudden strike of lightening, new thoughts and ideas begin to build like the coming together of a summer storm. A sudden urge to write how I am feeling, a sudden wave of emotion to get out my thoughts. Todays post is a little bit of that outpouring.


I’ve been thinking lately about Rest and Laziness. How we so often in our constantly stimulating world, and hard work ethic culture, fight continuously for the destruction of all things laziness, including rest. We fill our days to the brim, our weeks are overflowing, our relationships are shallow and work meaningless. But I think we’ve got the wrong ideas about Rest.

We repel rest because we’ve been deceived into thinking that it is the same as laziness. We think that if I rest, then I am being lazy. I think we’ve got it all wrong – almost the complete opposite of truth.

I believe Rest is a weapon, one that when used wisely and with purpose and intentionality refreshes your soul, as apposed to laziness, which destroys it. 

Rest, especially now in an overstimulating society, where we have access to the ‘inside’ of peoples lives through social media right up until our eyes close for sleep, has a growing importance in the way our society is to survive. Heck, even the Lord ‘rested’ on the seventh day. I doubt he was worn out, tired, and I doubt he was being lazy, or felt like ‘He deserved it for all His hard work that week’. I think He rested because he was trying to show us that it was important.
Laziness is self-centred. It eats away at your soul. It is synonymous with idleness. It allows you to worship your own desires and feelings, and grants you access to give yourself permission to not work hard, to take the short-cut, to give less of yourself, in order to gain more of yourself and to contribute less to others. Where Laziness takes away parts of who you are called to be, Rest empowers them. It strengthens your mind, it strengthens your soul, which in turn strengthens your body and your out workings. But we hardly value it. It is an intentional activity that, like most things that are of much value to our lives, takes practice and repetition to perfect. But it is an activity that has been proven to improve the lives of people who live by it.

I try at least once a week to get out and do things that help me rest. Sometimes it’s just being quiet, reading a good book, listening to music and baking bread or something new I haven’t made before. Today it looked like getting out in nature, enjoying some fresh air, country views and gaining perspective. It meant not looking at my phone, or the time, and just resting and refreshing before I began more work for the week. I’ll encourage you to look for moments in your week, where you are able to shut off for a little while and not think about everything that NEEDS to get done, but just enjoy Being. Being healthy, being alive, being in a beautiful country. Just, being. Why? Because I guarantee you’ll see rewards in it. Rest is NOT Laziness. Enough said.


K xx

3 thoughts on “Rest and Refresh

  1. Thank you Katie for reminding us that rest is not the same as laziness. Some good thoughts in here. Love you. P


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