Have a little Faith

Happy New Year!
I know, it’s already at the end of the first month, (I cannot believe January has gone!)
But all the same, here are some thoughts on Faith for the New Year. I’ve been reflecting lately about what Jesus says about having trouble in this world (see, John 16). He never promises us a life freed from pain, or trouble, in fact – he warns us that because of our faith we will be rejected by the world (John 15:19). But I love what he says in John 16:33 – “I have told you these things so that you may have peace… Take heart! I have overcome the world.”
It is the enemy who will come to devour and destroy, but we need not be afraid, because we serve a God who is greater than that.
So in the coming year – remember that when you face things that seem beyond you, or what the Lord has promised you has not yet come to fulfilment.
Take heart, stand strong and remember who God is. Because when we have faith, even as small as a seed, we can believe.



Every so often I come to a place
where I feel so far from Grace

Can I have faith?

Is it even as small as a mustard seed? Will it even reach calvary?
You say, ‘Blessed are those who have faith, but cannot see’.
Father, I cannot see beyond me.

Will I chose faith?

Can I say to that mountain, “Throw yourself in the sea?”
Can I say to that fear, “Get away from me?”
Can I chose today to believe without sight?
Can I say to the darkness, ‘Let there be light?”

Is this how Abraham felt as he loaded his son, with the wood that would reduce him to none?
Did he doubt that he would follow through? Or did he need faith too?

What about Sarah with her empty womb?
Surely her fear was an endless tomb?

Where is my faith?

Up the mountain my soul did climb, but this was not the first time.
Finally I reached the edge,
and the weight upon my back pushes me close to the edge.

Where is my faith?

Father if this is what you ask of me, I will follow through

For the tighter I hold,
the more I will lose.

Today, I choose faith.

Gently propelled forward, I throw my burden to the sky
And watch the wind teach it to fly
“Be gone my burden, the one I built myself.
My walls I surrounded myself with, the ropes I tied myself with”.

I will choose faith.

Somehow you feel all the more free,
when at last your eyes are opened to see.
What is important is not this or that, or what we can touch or taste,
But the freedom you feel in the Father’s embrace.

I will hold faith.

We surround ourselves with lies, fears and greed,
But Jesus is the only way we will ever be truly freed.

A light yoke, an easy burden
I let go of what was holding me back and did turn then,
To all that mattered – A faith in Christ.
A Christ who died, so that I might have life.

When I am not enough, He will always be.
When I was blind, it is Him that I did see.

I chose faith.

For this world is hard and I will have trouble
But if I focus on him, I will not stumble

Because the One who promises is Faithful, I will have faith;
And because faith is being sure of what we do not see, I will look beyond me.

So what ever you’re afraid of, be afraid no more
And trust in a Saviour with an open door.

Choose faith.

I know I did, and I am now free,
But this is a DAILY journey for me

I will always be afraid, I will always lose hope.
But now I’ve been freed to run as the antelope
Across wide open plains, afraid no more
For I have found new treasures in store.

Today is a new day, and I will chose faith
I will rejoice and be glad in it.

Today, I found faith.

xx K

One thought on “Have a little Faith

  1. Hello today Katie! I like your emphasis on faith as you started into 2018: having faith, holding faith, choosing faith, living by faith. Because as you acknowledged right at the beginning, the christian is not promised a rose garden, or an easy path or constant success and applause. Rather testing and trouble and suffering. And in all of that we are called to affirm that no matter what we will trust the Lord and believe that He is in control, He is love and He knows what He is doing. Some assignment! Not easy. Don’t forget another promise – that He would never leave us or forsake us! Of course we need faith to believe and act on that one too! Go well, the Lord going with you! Love from P


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