There is Hope in the Valley

It is with great excitement I share with you another poem for November. It was many moons ago that I found myself filled with the Spirit of the Lord, reading through Ezekiel, compelled to write. I found myself, pen in hand, pouring out. A few moment later, this is what I read. If you’ve read any of the entries of this online journal, you will understand the power of Hope. It is a powerful testimony of the God I serve. A God who is redemptive, who is faithful, who is powerful, who is good.

Hope has a place and a need more and more in todays society. It is the difference between a people who waste away and a people who will live. I believe God is doing something among His people today, something that we would not believe, even if we were told. I believe He is very much alive and that Hope is a significant piece in this season. But it takes a willingness to hope from a people God has called. Like all decisions worth making, it takes a risk of getting it wrong. But there is a full reassurance, that the God we serve is trustworthy. And what He has promised in you, in your life, in this city, in this nation, in this world, there is a hope that just as He has said, He will carry it on to the day of completion (Philippians 1:6). That just as He promised a Saviour for Israel, He has promised peace for all people. Your journey with Him does not end here where you are, but there is a Hope, that the best is yet to come.

So Hope large, and stand strong, because our God is moving mountains here.

K xx





I’m walking along, searching the ground
Witnessing the chaos, hearing only a sterile sound
It is eerie, and it is cold
As eagle calls from the sky, mocking the fold
There are bones all around,
The deathly remains of a battle that went down.
You can smell the stench, the vast remains
Of an army so great, I am but an ant through the pain

Tears flood my eyes, when I hear God’s sound
His whisper so delightful, so peaceful, so divine
He asks me, “Son of man, can these bones live?” 
In confusion, there is only one answer I must give
“Of course Sovereign Lord, you alone know,
Out of your hand, the water will flow”
The Lord of all creation replies in a peaceful tone.
“I want you to prophesy to this pile of bone, 
Bring to life what was lost, 
Simply bring again my power to this cost. 
I will come upon you and fill you with my breath, 
I want you to reverse the impossible grip of death.” 

Lies and deception flood my mind,
“I am not worthy” “I am not of that kind”
But I did as I was commanded and witnessed it all
The movement of Christ that began as a call.
I saw the bone come together, the tendons come upon,
The flesh reappear, this beautiful song.

Yet one this was missing, the breath of man
I stood, defeated, believing that I had failed this band
I turned, I stooped and I walked away,
For surely I had failed my Lord that day
One foot in front of the other, I left to go
But the Lord has just one more thing to show

So came the four winds, from every direction,
They pushed me to my knees as I watched God complete his power with a burning passion

The winds filled the lungs of the slain,
The hurricanes of love removed the pain

An army stood before me now
Streams of tears flooded my eyes; I wiped my brow
They stood tall and strong,
As if the battled they’d face was already won.
I stayed on my knees, I had no strength to stand,
For God had proven new hope in His land.
There before me was a strong thousand,
The people once reduced to a deathly brand
The look on their faces, the confidence they breathed,
Left me weeping for the people that God had freed.

He’d used me to bring to life,
Those who’d been defeated, who’d lost the strife
His last promise to me today,
Was one that in my heart will always stay
With one last whisper, the Lord to me did give,
“I will keep my spirit in you, and forever you will live.” 

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