Hello World! I’m Katelyn, the face behind the WanderingBySea blog, which I hope to be a platform that inspires hope, fellowship, faith in God and a place that encourages each of us in the pursuit of Kingdom Come.

I originally created this journal as a place where I could share stories with my family and friends back home as I travelled the world, seeking the Father and shining my light as I shared my faith in missions. Since returning home to Australia, with a large rest in between, it has become a place that has extended to being a platform to simply “Shine my Light”.

I am a twenty-something, working as a nurse here in Melbourne, and I’m passionate showing compassion and proving hope in people’s hearts. I inspire to reach people through love and dream to prevent inequalities in health, education and gender. I love encouraging people to believe in themselves and admire watching young people change and impact the world in this generation.

“Believe in yourself & All that you are. Know that there is, inside of you, something that is greater than any obstacle”   

That word by a Christian D. Lawson, evidently displays that if we just believe, in the power of the Human Spirit, we have enough force to change a city, or state, nation or nations. Just imagine how much life we could bring, if a team of people came together, who believed in that power.

Nothing would stop us, we would not fear.

That is one of the things that drives me to want to make a difference in this world. That I have recourses that have been placed in my hands freely, that can help empower and bring positive, life-giving change throughout the developed and developing world. I want to inspire other people to believe in themselves and believe in the power of ‘Christ in Me’. I want to use the life I have been given to enable others to proudly say, “Being me is enough”. 

I’d look forward to watching this community grow together,

So, welcome to family,

love, K.


3 thoughts on “Journey

  1. Hi Katelyn, I just happened to come across your post and read it and thought to myself, now there’s a young woman who is heading in the right direction. It’s funny, I’m 73 years old and it struck me the other day that we all seem to start out with the idea that we’re going to do something special, something that sets us apart from the crowd when in fact what God needs is someone in the crowd and of course, that’s where you and I come in. God can open doors that we don’t even know exist but He needs us to be His first. Focus on studying His Word and spending time with Him in prayer and He’ll take care of the rest. You’re doing great, just a word of encouragement to you. Grace and blessings!

    1. Hi Bruce. Thank you for your kind words and your encouragement, I will take your advice and remember this. You’re right in what you’ve said, He is doing so much more right now in us in any moment, but we lose sight of it sometimes when we look at what everyone seems to have. I hope you stick around and are encouraged more!


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